One weird trick to destroying your own political party:

  1. Find a new Law that changes a giant System, in ways that people either are going to get hurt, or at least some already existing harm can be blamed on the new Law.
  2. Invent thousands of supposed problems with the Law, so that it is massively unpopular when passed.
  3. After the Law has been passed and none of those predicted problems have shown up, attempt to cripple the Law with lawsuits and lack of implementation by the states.
  4. Track down actual problems people have with the System. Preferable, problems with the new Law, but if those are hard to find, track down problems people already had with the System that the Law did not entirely fix, or even problems that you, yourself, have caused with #3.
  5. Make the problems you found in #4 front and center, and as problems with the Law, so you can run on the promise of repealing the original Law and fixing all those problems in the System.
  6. Completely ignore the fact that almost all the fixes in #5 are going to require more spending on a problem, and that your political party is very very very anti-spending. As long as you don’t ever control the entire government so can blame the other party on the lack of fixing things, who cares?
  7. Accidentally end up in control of the entire government.

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